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The picture would describe what the world would be like if there was no traffic lights in the world.  The accident rates would skyrocket as well as pedestrian deaths.  If it was not for the traffic light we would have not came upon the idea of having a signal for pedestrians to let them know it is safe to cross.  The traffic light is a crucial part of our everyday lives, even though it may be grueling and costly in gas, it is well worth the wait to keep everyone safe.  The main purpose behind the establishment of the traffic light was to reduce and try to prevent accidents.  So far this piece of technology has stood by its promise for helping to prevent accidents from happening.

Source:Video 2

This video shows us that we can trigger the green light faster by altering your vehicle slightly.  Since the traffic light detector has an electromagnetic coil, we can use a simple powerful magnet to help us get the green light faster. By doing so, we can save gas and time in the process.

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